Ashley Carlson, BA

Administrative Assistant

Ashley serves as GreyZone’s Administrative Assistant, managing the daily needs of the office and supporting the work of her fellow team members through a variety of tasks. She finds satisfaction in knowing that the work she provides helps support patients during their quest for better health.

Ashley coordinates with GreyZone’s physician network and supports the organization’s daily technological and security needs. She also works behind the scenes on system management infrastructure building GreyZone’s large database of information on specific medical conditions, diagnostic criteria, advocacy resources, educational materials for patients and specialist recommendations.

Ashley’s personal experiences dealing with a complex medical condition influenced her decision to seek out meaningful work within the field of health advocacy. She understands the challenges patients face when trying to understand and manage their health. As part of the GreyZone team, she values the meaningful nature of her work and hopes to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

In addition to working at GreyZone, Ashley is Head of Operations, Administration, and Technology at the Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA). Her time at WASHAA is spent on a variety of data collection and system management projects.

Prior to joining GreyZone and WASHAA, Ashley graduated from the University of Washington. Her love of learning and interest in the dynamic relationship between mental and physical health led her to study in the field of psychology. She is particularly interested in neuropsychology and has a strong background in anatomy/physiology.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Psychology from the University of Washington.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys drawing, board game nights with friends, spending time with her family, and spoiling her two puppies.