Facing a misdiagnosis, or having no diagnosis at all?

GreyZone helps patients with difficult to diagnose and manage conditions find answers and improve their quality of life. Based in Seattle, WA, we serve patients in Washington state and from around the world, in person or remotely.

If you are struggling with persistent health symptoms and/or you are having a hard time managing your complex medical situation, we are here to help!

Advocacy Support

We offer expert advocacy support and care management/ coordination services, and organize access to a carefully selected network of highly experienced board-certified physicians, expert diagnosticians, specialists, alternative care providers, nutritionists and other hand-picked professionals that could help.

Our Approach

Our approach is customized to you. We spend the time required to get to know you and understand your immediate and long- term needs. We see the whole person, not just your medical situation. We strive to treat you with respect, kindness, and understanding, and keep your values and goals front and center. These elements guide our work so together we can obtain the right care for you.

Our Services

Diagnostic Roadmap

A way out of the misdiagnosis maze for those with persistent, unexplained symptoms.

Complex Care Advocacy

When you need a capable ally by your side who understands what you are dealing with and is able to help you navigate the healthcare system.

Medical Record Organization

We gather, monitor and organize your medical records so you can obtain accurate and timely care at the doctor’s office.

Research Consulting Services

Latest information on treatment options, clinical trials, healthcare centers, and patient advice available specifically for you.

Ad-Hoc Advocacy Consultations

One-off advocacy support appointments when you need them, no long-term commitments.

Mayo Clinic Prep

Obtain evaluation by top specialists, get  there well-prepared and supported, increase your chances of a successful diagnostic visit.

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