Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Who will speak for you if you are not able to? And most importantly, what will they say regarding the type of care you wish to have or not to have?

At GreyZone, we can help you plan for even the most unlikely of health events. COVID-19 has taught us that overnight any person can find themselves unable to communicate what they want around the medical care they receive. For example, would you like to have your medical team do everything possible to keep you alive? Or, would you only want to be kept alive if there was a good chance of having a full recovery? 

If these decisions are not made before someone becomes too sick to speak, loved ones are forced to guess what is needed. At GreyZone we strongly recommend a written, official Advance Care Plan to prevent confusion and family conflict during these difficult situations. We can help you make a legally binding, official document saying what you want done, or not done if you suddenly become unable to communicate.

Advance Care Planning is a gift you give your family

Lisa Lindblad’s unexpected diagnosis put her on life support, unable to speak for herself. Because Lisa was an attorney, she already understood the importance of a living will, or advance care directive document.

Her husband and daughter were not forced to make the unimaginable decision to remove life support because Lisa had written it all down. This allowed her family members to spend their precious energy devoted to Lisa herself, not agonizing over decisions that no one should have to make without guidance. 

More details on Lisa’s story

Greyzone’s ACP Services

We can help with part or all the steps of the Advance Care Planning process. This includes:

1. Having the conversation with your loved ones to make your healthcare decisions. You may feel uncomfortable or your loved ones may feel unprepared to have these types of discussions.  

Our team at GreyZone has chosen excellent resources to assist you in initiating and carrying out these conversations. You can utilize them on your own or we can help facilitate this discussion with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. 

2. Creating your advance care directives:  We can help you navigate through legally binding, official, advance health care directions. We can also assist with your selection of a designated Health Care Agent or Health Care Proxy. When legal documents are needed, we will connect you with the appropriate healthcare attorneys that can help. 

  • Learn about options for end-of-life services and care 
  • Implement plans to ensure wishes are honored 
  • Voice decisions to family, friends and health care providers

3. Distributing your written plan:  We can do the legwork of giving your official papers to your doctors and loved ones if desired. Make sure that your physicians have a copy of your wishes so no matter how they feel, you can direct your care with intention, even when you are not able to communicate your wishes. 

GreyZone aspires to lead by example in providing patient centered care through the life of the patient, including the end-of-life. 

If you would like GreyZone to assist you in making your wants clear and legally binding as a gift for your loved ones, contact us here.