Jenni Nolan, BA, BCPA

Financial Patient Advocate

Jenni is a Board Certified Patient Advocate specializing in patient financial advocacy and is a member of GreyZone’s Patient Financial Advocacy team.

Jenni is passionate about assisting patients in all matters regarding the financial aspects of their healthcare. Recognizing that the financial stress of navigating our healthcare system can negatively impact on a patient’s health as the illness for which they’re being treated, Jenni partners alongside patients to relieve some of that burden.

With twenty years’ experience as a medical practice manager and a background in health information administration, Jenni has a solid understanding of medical and hospital billing, the ins and outs of health insurance, diagnosis and procedural coding, and revenue cycle management. Her work in both inpatient and outpatient settings exposed Jenni to the vast complexities of our healthcare system and the negative impact those complexities can have on patients, both financially and emotionally, leading her to become a patient advocate.

Jenni has a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management from Indiana University. She became a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) in 2019.

Outside of her work as a patient advocate, Jenni enjoys time with her husband and four kids, reading, barre workouts, hanging out with friends, morning coffee, and evening Pinot Grigio.

Jenni's Talks, Interviews & Media Appearances

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