Daisy Award Recognition
COVID-19 ED Callback Team

Susan Johnson, RN, Brita Grotte, RN, Lindsay Hanculak, RN, Kelley Hansen, RN, Lexi Overa, RN

Dr. Kevin Hanson and the ED Leadership tasked a team that would become the “COVID19 ED RN Callback Team”. The team was made up of nurses that were on light duty – in addition to ED nurses, a few of the RN team members were from Surgical Services, as they flexed and adapted into this new role once our surgical volumes decreased during the initial surge.

Over the last 13 months, this team has put their heart and soul into caring for our patients tested for COVID19 and discharged from the ED. The team called and provided care to over 4,000 ED patients tested for COVID19, to deliver test results, review symptoms, follow up care, and quarantine instructions. The team worked 7 days a week, for over 13 months. To my knowledge, this is the first team in the state and possibly the nation to do this kind of work. To say that I am proud of this team is an understatement.

While recently transitioning this role into the everyday operations of the ED, it is not lost on me how much this team did to care for our patients.

Link:  https://www.daisyfoundation.org/daisy-award/honorees/covid-19-ed-rn-callback-team

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