Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, Lack of Diagnosis – The Quality of Your Client’s Care & Life Depends on Getting It Right

Courtesy of APHA.com

June 12, 2019 - Two weeks ago, for our APHA Expert Call-in (teleconference), our guest was Io Dolka of Greyzone, who spoke on the topic of misdiagnosis. She taught us about the causes, the outcomes, the danger, the egos, the mistakes, and all the negative worlds that collide to cause (at least) one in ten patients in the US to be misdiagnosed each year. Those misdiagnoses cause PREVENTABLE DEATH (yes, death) for thousands of Americans, and tens of thousands more to SUFFER PREVENTABLE HARM annually (yes, each year!). Then she gave us good tools to help prevent our clients from being misdiagnosed. Informative, useful – and so important for advocates to understand.


Io Dolka: