Medical Billing and Claims Reconciliation

You might be surprised to know, that there are a shocking amount of errors on medical bills and medical claims submitted to health insurance by healthcare providers. 

These medical billing errors can result in giant medical bills sent to you that you should not have to pay. Our clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars by allowing us to review their medical bills and communicate these medical billing errors to their provider offices and insurance companies on their behalf.

We can do the same for you! We will review denied, underpaid and overcharged medical billing claims and follow through until we are sure you are not paying too much.

Medical Billing and Medical Claims issues we can reconcile:

  • Coordination of medical insurance benefits issues (double coverage leading to double denial)
  • Inaccurate medical coding 
  • Surprise out-of-network charges during surgery or emergency room care
  • Unnecessary medical equipment usage and charges
  • Inaccurate medical provider documentation leading to inaccurate medical coding
  • Denied Medicare claims without an advanced beneficiary notice on file
  • Inaccurate calculation for out of pocket maximum
  • Support with self-submission of claims
One client we served saved $13,000 through our ability to coordinate benefits and contest 24 denied claims over a two year period.
Another client had an outstanding balance of over $50,000 for several expensive infusions. We were able to keep the dispute between the provider office and the insurance company, her client balance was eliminated without her paying anything out of pocket.

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