Medical Cost Projection

There are times during a complex health journey where big decisions need to be made. Often these decisions also come with a big price tag. If you are facing such a decision we can help you by calculating the out of pocket cost of each option.

During a home renovation it is suggested to find at least three bids for any large job. We feel the same way about your large healthcare costs. We would like to do that research for you.

Examples of medical cost projection work include:

  • Comparing out of pocket costs of of high priced pharmaceuticals at a variety of US and international pharmacies
  • Providing a complete breakdown for out of network specialist consultation costs
  • Comparing costs and insurance coverage of medical flights
One of our clients suffered an injury on the job and needed back surgery. She was in process of an appeal for a denied Labor and Industries claim. If she won her appeal, which was not certain at all, Labor and Industries would pay for her entire surgery. If she used instead her current insurance to obtain the surgery faster she would be liable for a large copayment and would forfeit her right to request Labor and Industries to pay for the surgery. Our Financial Patient Advocates were able to break down the exact cost of each option allowing her to make her decision with far greater peace of mind.

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