Discount Program Enrollment

Some medications can have a reduced cost by participating in manufacturer’s discount programs. If you have a large out of pocket cost for a medication we can check for discount programs that could help.  This will help decrease the cost you pay when picking up your medications from the pharmacy or receiving your infusion. 

There are hundreds of discount programs available now, let us help you find out what’s possible for you. Here are some examples of medications offering discount programs:

  • Emgality
  • Inflectra
  • IVIg
  • Hizentra
  • Semaglutides
  • Saxenda
  • Gammagard
  • Perforomist
  • Dozens of chemotherapy drugs
One client was paying $400 per month out of pocket for her injectable headache medication, Emgality. We located a manufacturer program that provided her the medication through the mail for free. She has saved thousands per year.
Another client had huge copays for her autoimmune infusion, Inflectra. Through our application and management of a manufacturer discount program she not only stopped paying out of pocket for the rest of the year, but was reimbursed $2,850 of out of pocket expenses she had already paid the year before.

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