Insurance Review and Analysis

There is a huge difference between medical insurance policies. Your insurance changes what providers you can see and what treatments will be paid for. Every year during open enrollment or after a change in life circumstance, it is wise to review your current health insurance policy to ensure it is the best fit for your finances. Our team can guide you through this process. 

  • Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security Disability Enrollment
    • If you qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security Disability benefits we can help navigate the enrollment and policy selection process within these systems. These systems can be intimidating, but getting through the process to receive the best benefits at the lowest price is well worth it.
  • Private health insurance policy review and selection
    • We work with top insurance brokers to find specialized policies to fit your needs. A broker can expertly assist the selection of a health insurance policy that covers your medications and needed providers. At GreyZone our work takes this a step further by also evaluating coverage of the particular medical treatments that your providers will likely order.
One of our clients was struggling with a lack of home health infusion coverage. We helped her review dozens of policies until we identified a Medicare policy that specifically covers home infusions.
Another client was covered by Medicare but was struggling with the ``gap`` payments. We found her a supplemental policy that included an extra premium, but reduced her overall yearly healthcare costs significantly by covering the ``gap`` in Medicare.

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